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Hester's Creative Schools

Covid Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Infants & Toddlers

Programs for Infants and Toddlers

Hester's Creative Schools offers great programs for infants and toddlers that aim to help them thrive.  Our focus is to provide a safe and loving environment with delicate attention to the care of each little one.  We value the trust of our families and are committed to communicating with you daily on your child's care and development. Contact us to learn more.

infant collage

Child Care - Infants

Hester's Creative Schools' infant program is a combination of safe and loving care with the right amount of stimulation. We provide a clean environment for your infant as we nurture their physical, emotional, and intellectual development. Our teachers individualize feeding, diapering, play and rest times in addition to having a daily plan for each child. Our infant teachers are trained to use the HighReach, Bright Baby Curriculum for infants. We choose to use this curriculum to ensure that your infant's day will include:

  • Language, Fine Motor, Large Motor, and Sensory Development
  • Individualized lesson plans
  • Child paced learning
  • that gives you the chance to see your child's milestones
  • to encourage independence and learning new skills
  • in Yoga and Sign Language

Hester's emphasizes language in our infant classes. Our teachers talk to the infants about their daily activities, mimic their sounds for language stimulation and read to them.  We feel tummy time is important for gross motor and exploration skills.  To enhance sensory and fine motor development, infants are encouraged to play with a variety of engaging, safe toys that are sanitized daily.  We use nursery rhymes, finger plays and a variety of appropriate music for enjoyment and soothing sound throughout the day. Our focus is for your infant to thrive in our program!

Child Care - Toddlers

Everyone knows toddlers are growing by leaps and bounds, and we adults must work hard to keep up with them. Toddlers are curious and want to experience everything. At Hester's Creative Schools, we design your toddler's day so they can learn through play as they enjoy active, messy and quiet activities. 

Our teachers are trained to use the HighReach Curriculum to plan developmentally appropriate and engaging experiences to promote learning about a variety of topics. We encourage sensory development by using finger paint, sand and water play as well as a variety of other creative activities. Our toddler classrooms are filled with different textures for them to feel and experience.

Small muscle development is important as toddlers are learning to feed themselves and become more independent. Puzzles, push-button toys, and small building blocks encourage the refinement of their small motor skills, beginning use of logic, and creativity.

We encourage toddlers to walk, run, climb, and ride toys for large muscle/gross motor development. Our classrooms and playgrounds are well equipped with riding toys, swings, push toys, balls, sprinklers and climbers. Our teachers use games, music and movement to build large muscle control. 

Our caring teachers understand that being a toddler is a time of exploring their world with new found independence.  With it comes a variety of emotions and self expression that we support with gentle guidance and language development.  We expand vocabulary with conversation, finger plays, stories and books.  Our goal is for your toddler flourish with discovery in our program!