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Hester's Creative Schools

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Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Two Year Olds

Programs for Two Year Olds

Hester's Creative Schools has a great program for two year olds geared towards self-reliance in a safe and stimulating environment.  Our focus is to help your bundle of energy and emotions begin to learn to express themselves constructively.  We value the bond families have with their little ones and do our best to make separation positive.  We will communicate with you daily about your child's activity. We assess your child's development through interaction and observation.  Assessing each child helps us to set goals as we plan for optimal growth in all areas of development.  We conduct regular conferences with families to keep you informed.  Contact us for more information.

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Child Care - Two Year Olds

Our teachers make daily plans guided by the HighReach Curriculum. Lesson plans address the physical, cognitive, and emotional changes that occur at the age of two. The curriculum themes are fun for children and include a variety of experiences each day. Daily group time exposes children to concepts in a fun way with songs, finger plays, stories, counting, colors and shape games as well as vocabulary.  The daily schedule includes free play, gross motor, outdoor experiences, diapering/toileting, meals and rest times sure to keep your active child engaged.

At age two, we introduce learning centers with daily access to a variety of materials for children to use independently.  They may choose to build with blocks and play with toy people, cars, and animals.  They may use their imagination in pretend play with puppets, dress up, dolls, and kitchen items. We have a variety of books for them to explore.  Art and music materials are available as they begin to learn the process of creating.  Manipulative items such as connecting blocks and puzzles build fine motor and problem solving skills.  Gross motor activities are encouraged throughout the day.  Our outdoor environments include gross motor equipment, gardening areas and opportunities for exposure to nature. We provide a safe environment for twos to learn through play as teachers engage with them in a nurturing way.       

As our "Terrific Twos" enter into this ever-changing stage of Independence, they need to know adults are available to them. We guide them in the beginning process of learning social behaviors and interactions with others. Our teachers are also potty training experts that desire to partner with families when little ones are ready to achieve toileting.  We desire to foster the self-reliance and independence of your two year old our program!